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NOJOS Treatment

Has your teen been court ordered to receive NOJOS Level One or Level Two Outpatient treatment? Sharlene Christensen is an approved NOJOS affiliate therapist who can provide Level One and Level Two treatment. If this has been court ordered, we know this is a difficult time for you, your child and your family. We would like to be a part of the healing and learning progress. During the course of treatment, you can expect to have your child participate in individual, family and possibly group therapy. The treatment can vary in focus, intensity, duration and frequency depending on the presenting problems.

Treatment will be focused primarily on the following NOJOS specific objectives:

1-Understand, identify, and interrupt thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors that contribute to abuse and all unhealthy choices and behaviors

2-Develop responsibility for personal choices and behavior without minimization or justification

3-Understand the impact of past trauma on self-image, functioning, difficulties and behaviors

4- Develop awareness, sensitivity and compassion for others

5-Learn and understand normative and inappropriate and/or unhealthy sexual development

6-Identify, interrupt and control unhealthy and/or inappropriate sexual arousal, thoughts and fantasies

7-Learn and use adaptive coping and social skills

8- Build and engage in non-coercive relationships

9-Develop and use healthy interventions and life skills to allow youth to successfully reenter a healthy developmental trajectory and build the competency, resiliency and protective factors necessary to resolve and/or eliminate etiological and maintenance factors, as well as achieve (in a healthy way) the needs and good required to be happy and healthy and live a good life.


(Adapted from Rich, Phil, Evaluation of Juvenile Sexual Offender and the Assessment of Risk, Understanding, assessing, and Rehabilitation Juvenile Sexual Offenders, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003.)